Social responsibility
Social responsibility
Our CSR commitment:
full-range corporate social responsibility
“We are pursuing sustainable and harmonious development with the environment as well as the society, so as to create sustainable values to win the most widely respects ......"
Firstly, corporate social responsibility should ensure that the specifications of the enterprise are all in accordance with the law. The enterprise then assumes economic and environmental responsibilities of the community, and promotes the positive development of the society, through its own technological development and services. Secondly, the enterprise should take the initiative to assume the responsibilities of employees, shareholders and the relevant stakeholders to achieve the win-win development. Finally, the enterprise should undertake corporate philanthropy to return to the community.
Lawful operation is the bottom line of DunAn management. It adheres to the "three guarantees" (to guarantee management according to laws and regulations, guarantee timely delivery of quality products and services to customers, and guarantee timely payment of all bills). With the belief of "green energy, low carbon and environmental protection", DunAn makes great efforts on transformation and upgrading of its industries in order to build a beautiful China; With the concept of "Sunshine, Development, Share", DunAn strives to build a happy working environment for its employees; “Sponsoring education and helping the poor" is the emphasis of DunAn corporate philanthropy.
Our responsibilities from
2008 to2012:
Happy DunAn in action
4936 training sessions for over 40,000 trainees in 2012;
Internal competition:
over 400 employees have been promoted to managerial or senior positions from ordinary ones, with adherence to the internal "competition for employment" system in the past five years.
Employee income:
from 2009 to 2012, the average annual growth has been over 18.75%;
Innovation incentives:
in 2010, it granted the amount of 1 million to 10 million yuan for the meritorious awards of the innovation and development, the amount of 100 thousand to 1 million yuan for contribution awards of the innovation and development. In the past three years, twenty-three teams and individuals have been awarded.
Employee care:
DunAn has established "employee mutual fund".
Contributions to the community
DunAn built red army schools and Hongyi elementary schools and established Hongyi Public Welfare Foundation, subscription title fund, "DunAn Group care grant" and "DunAn Dream scholarship" to help poor students and help building an innovative country.

Helping the poor:
DunAn appropriated the special condolence funds for the elderly and the poor. In the past ten years, it has annually supported nearly 500 people over the age of 70. In low-income rural areas, such as Zhejiang Suichang, DunAn helps farmers to improve their annual incomes in characteristic breeding, mountain vegetables, tea, bamboo shoots and dual-use forest.

The spirit of Red:
DunAn participated in the collection activities of red stories of the League Central Committee and "Youth Inspirational Story" of the national network cultural content construction project.

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