Advanced Manufacturing
The advanced manufacturing industry specializes in the precision manufacture of refrigeration fittings, valves, and fluid control components, as well as in the development and manufacture of high-end equipments, such as large heating and ventilation system equipment, motors, and heavy machinery. It consists of DunAn Environment, DunAn Controls, Dunan Electric and Geoho Energy.
DunAn Environment( Stock Code 002011 )
Zhejiang DunAn Artificial Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd (DunAn Environment, stock code 002011) is the market leader in China’s refrigeration component industry...
DunAn Controls( Stock Code 833125 )
DunAn Controls specializes in the development and manufacture of valves. It provides high, medium and low-pressure valves, which are widely used in power plants...
DunAn Electric
Xi'an DunAn Electric Co., Ltd was established in October 2007. It is mainly engaged in R & D, manufacture, and technical services of wind generators...
DunAn Hardware
Zhejiang DunAn Hardware Group Co., Ltd specializes in engineering machinery and the manufacture of light alloy parts. It owns several business entities...
Civil Explosive Chemical
Jiangnan Chemical (stock cod: 002226) Anhui Jiangnan Chemical Co., Ltd is a large-scale civil explosive listed company, which specializes in R&D, production and sales of civil explosive materials and engineering explosive services. The company enjoys a leading overall business size among the listed civil explosive companies in China. It aims to become a first-class mine service provider with comprehensive cost optimization program. Till now, it has established over 90 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries with over 3000 employees in Anhui, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Henan, Hubei, Fujian, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu.
New Material
Zhejiang Qixin Alloy Material Co., Ltd specializes in R&D, manufacture and sales of magnesium, magnesium alloys, ferrosilicon, coke, semi-coke, mineral resources and derivatives. It enjoys advanced technology strength, automation equipment and plant construction, as well as leading business scale. It has the bigggest market share of magnesium ingot in China. The Company has built the circular economy industrial parks, the mineral resource development and production bases in Wuzhong of Ningxia, Alxa of Inner Mongolia, and Hami of Xinjiang. Their annual outputs can reach 80,000 tons of magnesium, 90,000 tons of ferrosilicon, 1.2 million tons of coke, and 300,000 tons of semi coke.
New Energy
DunAn New Energy specializes in the development, construction and operation of wind farms and photovoltaic power plants, as well as the R & D and manufacture of renewable energy. It has acquired nearly more than 60 million kilowatts of high wind and light resources. It has established nearly 100 masts and multiple sets of metering equipment to conduct the measurement of wind and light resources in over ten provinces in China. Till now, it has established several regional companies in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Guizhou, Gansu and other regions and has completed its industrial investment layout. By the end of 2015, DunAn New Energy has realized the grid-connected capacity of 760,000 kilowatts. By the end of 2017, the installed capacity will have been reached 1.3 million kilowatts.
Investment Management
Zhejiang Rushan Investment Management Co., Ltd is a professional venture capital institution. It focuses on investment opportunities from TMT, consumer services, health care, energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, robotics as well as other segmented industries. Currently, it manages six funds , of which the fund size has reached over¥5 billion. Till now ,it has accumulated a large number of excellent investment cases. It has invested dozens of projects with distinctive technologies, innovative business models, high growth and high return potential, such as Chunyu Doctor, Chengniu Illegal Manager and roseonly. Great Wall Television, Penghui Energy, Zheng Coal Machine and Nantong Forging have successfully listed.
Modern Agriculture
The modern agriculture industry has one national organic food base, one national health breeding base and two provincial agricultural R & D centers, with one national geographic protection product (Jiande bud tea) and one A-level green food (Longyangxia salmon) . Qinghai Mingze Longyangxia Ecological Aquaculture Co., Ltd was established in September, 2008. It is specialized in the research, training, breeding, processing and sales of high-grade cold-water fish. The salmon breeding base in Longyangxia Reservoir will be built into Asia's largest and highest automation salmon farm. Zhengan Tianci Ecological Technology Co., Ltd is located in Zhengan County of Zunyi Province. It has already formed a complete industrial chain from the tea cultivation to tea processing and to tea sales. It has full traceability management from a tea garden to customers. It is regarded as the industry leader of the modern Chinese organic tea.

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