Company profile
DunAn Group was founded in 1987 in Diankou of Zhuji of Zhejiang Province and is headquartered in Binjiang District of Hangzhou City. Its core industries includes precision manufacturing and advanced equipment (air conditioning parts, HVAC system equipment and turnkey, valves, motors, etc.), civil explosive chemical (civil explosives, explosive equipment distribution, explosive engineering services, etc.), new energy (wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation), new materials (the circular economy of magnesium and magnesium alloy), investment management, and modern agriculture.The group has thirty-four affiliated enterprises which have been rewarded high-tech enterprise certification and two listed companies including DunAn Environment (002011) and Jiangnan Chemical (002,226). It employs nearly 19,000 staff, who base in twenty-two provinces of China except Hainan and Taiwan, four municipalities and five autonomous regions, as well as in Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Germany, the United States and other international areas. The group has five state-certified laboratories, one national enterprise technology center, one national post-doctoral workstation, one academician workstation, two provincial key enterprise institutes, sixteen provincial enterprise technology/design centers, one provincial key laboratory, one provincial doctor workstation, and one provincial graduate workstation.DunAn Group has been among China's Top 500 Enterprises for seven consecutive years and  China's Top 500 Private Enterprises for fourteen consecutive years. In 2015, it ranks NO. 251 and 53, respectively. And it ranks No.26 on the list of Zhejiang Top 100 Enterprises. It has been awarded “Hangzhou Top 10 Industrial Enterprises with Outstanding Contribution” for three times, "National Labor Award" and "China's Low Carbon Development Leader". During the past two years, DunAn Group has participated in the formulation of twenty-five national or industrial standards, received the second prize of national scientific and technological progress award and five provincial/ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards. In 2014, the group has applied 312 new patents for intellectual property including 95 invention patents and it has been authorized 286 patents, including 40 invention authorized patents.With the mission of building "a world-class respectable enterprise", DunAn group will continue its unremitting efforts to create greater values for customers and the community.
Competitive advantages:One of every two new household air conditioners in the world is produced by DunAn.China's leading nuclear grade air-conditioning company, with 90% of the market share of the nuclear grade chillerChina's civil explosive industry leaderChina's valve industry leaderThe leading private company of wind power The leader of the circular economy of Magnesium alloyThe leader of heat recovery technology of industrial wasteAsia's largest salmon breeding base
DunAn Philosophy
A person, no matter what job he or she undertakes, must first establish correct philosophy of life , values and world view, so that he or she is able to make right choices throughout the lifetime, which is the premise of success. So does the business entity. To achieve the lofty ideal of an enterprise, it is necessary for the enterprise to create unique and excellent values and outlooks on life with its employees, and to make the right choices for its employees. This is what we call "DunAn Philosophy". “Integrity, Respect, Professionalism” is the core concept of DunAn value. "Entrepreneurship, Creativity, innovation" is the spirit of DunAn philosophy of life. "Sunshine, Development, Share" is the concept of development of DunAn.

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